One-to-One Coaching

This type of coaching is perfect for targeting a particular challenge through brainstorming you need with coaching. A one-off coaching session can help you get unstuck and feel intellectually challenged.

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Group Coaching

For career mums looking for a mix between group coaching and 1-1 coaching. This program is for you if you strongly believe that being part of a community of ambitious ladies is something you would benefit from. You likely find yourself feeling overwhelmed and unsure of where to start, and you are ready to do the work and curious about coaching.

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I used the formula Tania and I spoke about to put what I wanted out there, and my interviewer agreed and offered me quite a bit more than I was expecting. She carved out the exact role I wanted, so I’ll be doing the kind of work I truly wanted to do. So thank you so so much for coaching me and helping me get my work confidence back and stop feeling that impostor syndrome so much.

Copywriter, social media manager

I loved all the encouragement and the book and podcast recommendations. Loved Tania’s energy during the sessions and how she approaches tasks in a professional yet serene and fun way!

Executive director at JPMorgan

My favourite part was how to incorporate values into your daily life so that you can better manage your time. It all came together after the second sessionsomething inside me switched.

Networking group founder

I most enjoyed discovering things about myself personally and professionally and getting inspiration from listening to the experiences of all the amazing women in the program. We all shared our vulnerabilities and spoke so openly that it brought us closer together. It is a safe space like no other.

Art foundation CEO

Absolutely loved the session last night. Thank you to Tania and all of you ladies for the wonderful advice and insight. I now truly understand the benefits of incorporating our values into our daily lives. I get what the difference is between making a to-do list and time boxing my values. I feel less guilty as a mother for prioritising certain things and understand the importance of defining your motherhood journey.

Writer, PhD student

Honestly, since speaking to Tania, my whole vibe and outlook have changed. Thank you for being behind me and nudging me to improve and be brave.

Photographer, artist

Professionally, I am able to accept that there are several steps to get where I want to go and everything takes time. Whilst I have no concrete answer of if I will get there, I am able to see that I can only try, and if I fail, it is not the end of the world—I will still be ok.

Sustainability consultant

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